DelKote Machine Finishing Paint and Stain

Delkote machine finishing on your siding or decking provides a way to increase the total quality and value of a home with less cost. Architects and Builders nationwide realize the incredible value of pre-priming and pre-finishing as much of the building material as possible.

Given the high humidity and other climatic conditions affecting framing materials, siding and trim in the South, builders are starting to realize the long term benefits of machine-finished products. The reliability of machine finishing enables the homeowner to receive warranties as long as 25 years on painted surfaces and lifetime warranties from damage caused by mold, rot, and insects on framing materials.

DelKote Machine Finishing offers a unique encapsulation process that provides the builder and homeowner a superior product. Machine Finishing is a process that assures a longer-lasting and higher quality job than traditional "on-site" applications. All six sides of the board are coated and proper spread rates are maintained for maximum coverage and protection under the factory-controlled environment by DelKote Machine Finishing. Whether you are a Contractor, Homeowner, or Building Supply Company; DelKote Machine Finishing has the right product, the best service and the smart choice for you. See how it works!

Benefits include:

siding board going through the flow coater1) A Superior Paint or Stain Job

2) No Unforeseen Delays on your Project

3) A High Quality Job without Increased Costs

4) Unlimited color choices and extended warranties

A beautiful home exterior is easy with DelKote Machine Finishing. DelKote's application allows the ability to pre-finish most types of siding, trim, decking and fencing in a wide-variety of surface types, including cedar, redwood, cypress, hardboards, cementitious siding, and other manufactured siding materials. This gives you, the homeowner, a larger selection of materials that can be used on projects. There are other materials which can be machine-finished, including: a house in Asheville with a dark pre-stained siding color by Delkote

By installing factory finished lumber, you will be taking the best steps possible to ensure the highest quality and unbeatable performance for your exterior sidings, deck and trim. Pre-priming/pre-finishing all lumber surfaces prior to installation is recommended by: