• Extends the life of your deck
  • Lowers your maintenance by extending the time required before re-application
  • Wide range of colors available to suit the needs of your project
  • Backed by Sherwin Williams warrant of 5 years for semi-transparent stains and 8 years for solid color stains

machine finished siding

A beautiful deck is easy with Delkote Machine Finishing. DelKote is a superior, factory finish for your pressure treated decking, offering immediate weather protection and stunning looks with a quality finish and color uniformity. Machine application is a process that assures a longer-lasting and higher-quality job than traditional on-site application. All sides of the board are coated with proper spread rates to provide complete encapsulation. Application takes place in a controlled environment by professionals who value quality and workmanship. By coating your deck boards on all six sides, you will extend the life and beauty of your deck, meaning that re-staining the deck can take place less often.

Choose your Color from Sherwin Williams Vast Selection: